“Sunrays in Wildflower Meadow”

“Sunrays in Wildflower Meadow – TRACE” [27th May 2023] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, digital artwork derived from an original sketch in blue ballpoint ink pen and sunlight yellow pencil. 

“Sunrays in Wildflower Meadow – TRACE” finds me thinking about nature, rabbits, animation and music. How about you? What do you think looking at this artwork?

The original sketch (not shown) for these digital artworks in this blog article took me 20 minutes to produce. It was done spontaneously with very quick pen and pencil work to emulate the Van Gogh style for movement.

I am very happy with the artworks and the original, inspired by a Van Gogh drawing. I would like to mention that the artworks are produced from an original sketch and photograph by myself.

The photograph is actually shown at the end of this blog article.

“Sunrays in Wildflower Meadow – Black & White” [27th May 2023] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, digital artwork derived from an original sketch in blue ballpoint ink pen and sunlight yellow pencil. 

“Sunrays in Wildflower Meadow – Black & White” reminds me of space and science-fiction. What about you? How do you feel looking at this artwork?

“Sunrays in Wildflower Meadow – COMMAND” [27th May 2023] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, digital artwork derived from an original sketch in blue ballpoint ink pen and sunlight yellow pencil. 

“Sunrays in Wildflower Meadow – COMMAND” is powerful. I am reminded of 3D structures, electricity and the sense of touch. How about you? Do you have any particular feelings or thoughts as you view this artwork?

“Sunrays in Wildflower Meadow – photograph” [4th July 2022, 1935hrs] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

Hopefully I have brought the beauty within this landscape into my sketch and digital artworks, inspiring you in some way.

Very best.


“Lakescape Feelings #1”

“Lakescape Feelings #1” [20th May 2023] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, sketch with H, HB, 4B, 8B, sky-blue and charcoal pencils, signed in black ink on 280gsm 250mm x 300mm gesso primed canvas [pad], digitally edited image 3092 x 2659 pixels.

“Lakescape Feelings #1” was produced in one draft of approximately half an hour.  I had literally just seen a homely photograph of Picasso with his beloved dachshund dog.  Instantly I searched for a photographic composition then readied my pencils and a canvas.

The photograph was taken on 27th January 2021, here it is:

“Lakescape Feelings #1 – photograph” [27th January 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

I feel this artwork is somewhere between Impressionist and Abstract in art classification terms. The trees were made using my seismic waves style of drawing. Though not ‘perfect’ seismic waves in the way I usually produce. Perfect seismic waves are each drawn in one continuous line across the page.

For my seismic waves works I am quite specific with this. I feel this is being true to actual seismic waves produced with seismographs.

Here though in “Lakescape Feelings #1” I wanted the sense of seismic waves yet retaining the idea of trees. I guess this is my “Turner” inspiration at artmaking.

Creating the defined sense of something, obscured through rain, light, distance or some other optical artifact. Beyond pure abstraction itself of course.

Again, this artwork picks up on my use of blank canvas space. The pertinence of this artwork is linked to reading a news article regarding water sewage pollution in corporate business on.. that.. very.. day of 20th May. Water companies no less.

A notable quote in the article read “The whole thing stinks”.

You see, I have a “to do” list involving a multitude of environmental and globally structural things that I feel is very important to drive in the correct direction for world citizens.

I hope you enjoy my artwork.


“King James IV & I Oak Portrait Two”

“King James IV & I Oak Portrait Two” [18th/19th May 2023] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, sketch with H, HB, 4B, 8B and sky-blue pencil, signed in black ink on 280gsm 250mm x 300mm gesso primed canvas [pad], digitally edited image 3176 x 2749 pixels.

“King James IV & I Oak Portrait Two” [shown above] was produced in two drafts.  The first draft took 28 minutes 58 seconds.  The second (final) draft next day took 7 minutes 40 seconds, tidying a few branches and adding further depth to leaves.  A total of just under thirty-seven (37) minutes in all. I promptly signed the artwork afterwards.

The photograph was taken on 19th May 2020, three years ago precisely. I published those Oak photographs on my blog that very day. You can see those photographs by clicking the link here https://theunfathomableartist.wordpress.com/2020/05/19/conservation-local-nature-reserve/.

This sketch is very much as successful for its quickness and quality to produce as “Leafy Hollow”. You can see “Leafy Hollow” by clicking the link here https://theunfathomableartist.wordpress.com/2022/06/26/leafy-hollow/.

Each artist has their own ‘standard’ in terms of quality. For me, “Leafy Hollow” and this sketch “King James IV & I Oak Portrait Two” exemplify a ‘perfect’ artwork near effortlessly with regards to the time taken to complete from start to finish.

I view these visual works for the speed they are produced similar to an artist writing a chart topping song in 20 minutes.

To understand my reasoning here, it took me hours upon hours to get “Malevolence upon Trees” to the standard I hold every.. single.. time.. for my artworks. You can see “Malevolence upon Trees” here https://theunfathomableartist.wordpress.com/2021/04/24/malevolence-upon-trees/. The intricacy and complexity of the latters pencil work is clear though through all those extra hours.

Personally I happily delight whenever an artwork reaches ‘the standard’ much more quickly. This is more about efficiency as an artist than anything else. I noted Andy Warhol’s interest to produce masterpieces quickly. So too Basquiat and Monet.

Therefore I have sought to somehow emulate this work ethic when producing new pieces, if possible.

For instance, a professional actor can often absorb lines they need to learn for a role very quickly. Whereas an untrained person would take much longer to do so accurately. We could imagine professional translators and PA’s having a comparable ability. As an artist I view the swiftness of my working as part of the profession itself.

Of course, such beauties as the Sistine Chapel, time-honoured sculptures and Realist oils should not be hastily made. Often impressive intricacy and complexity requires reasonable time.

Here is the photograph inspiration for my latest sketch:

“King James IV & I Oak Portrait Two – photograph” [19th May 2020] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

I entitled my latest sketch as ‘Portrait Two’ since I class “James I IV Oak – Autumn Landscape” [27th June 2022] as the first ‘portrait’ of this magnificent 1612 Oak tree. Whereby both sketches do not feature as part of a wider Landscape composition.

Hope you enjoy.


Lake Path in Street Lamp Light

“Lake Path in Street Lamp Light” [14th/15th May 2023] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, sketch with H, HB, 4B, 8B, sky blue, sunlight yellow and charcoal pencils with charcoal stick signed in black ink on 280gsm 250mm x 300mm gesso primed canvas [pad], digitally edited image 2949 x 2535 pixels.

“Lake Path in Street Lamp Light” was completed in three drafts totalling fifty-one minutes in all. The first draft felt like only several minutes had passed.

The photograph was taken on 2nd October 2022.  From this I knew I would produce an artwork since the composition looked wonderful. It is the sort of composition artists enjoy making.

Lots of elements to create interest. Different lights, sky blue glimpses, leaves dappled under the lamps, a hardly perceivable metal fence and a sense of theatrical mystery.

“Lake Path in Street Lamp Light” is in the Impressionist style with some chance peculiar features.

Here is the photograph for my sketch:

“Lake Path in Street Lamp Light – photograph” [2nd October 2022 at 1928hrs] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

As per my usual art working for quick drawings I sketched straight from the photograph onto the canvas without prior study.

Interestingly I have ran along this pathway many times for leisure. I have visited this area since childhood with warm affection for all the surrounding beauty.

My sketch also picks up on how I personally viewed the pathway that evening. With some details more discernible in the darkness than they are from the photograph.

I wanted the shadows to look impressive, artistic and as delicious as possible. My three drafts took 37 minutes 07 seconds (all structures and shapes defined), 2 minutes 44 seconds (added one line detail to a wall) and 11 minutes 06 seconds (made the street lamp lighting effect the following day) to be precise.

Afterwards I promptly signed the canvas.

Hope you enjoy.


Orchard Trees in Hay Meadow with Icy Ridge Willow

“Orchard Tree in Hay Meadow” [9th May 2023] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, quick sketch with H, HB, 4B and 8B pencils signed in black ink on 280gsm 250mm x 300mm gesso primed canvas [pad], digitally edited image 3043 x 2596 pixels.

“Orchard Tree in Hay Meadow” was completed in just two drafts of 25 minutes and <15 minutes respectively.  Just under 40 minutes in total.

Over 25 orchard trees were planted in Hay Meadow this year, 2023. Interestingly when I sketched  “Wooden Walkway with Birds Feet” on the 5th and 6th January 2023, the orchard trees had not yet been planted.  Standing from the same wooden walkway perspective, you would now see the orchard trees to the right.

I took various photographs, deciding upon this composition as one of the most artistic.  Since these planted orchard trees are quite young (approximately several feet to twelve feet in height) they have a tree guard cage with an irrigation system around each tree to help them grow.

I believe this sketch is of a plum tree.

Here is the composition for my Orchard Tree sketch:

“Orchard Tree in Hay Meadow – photograph” [evening of 16th April 2023] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

Next we have a sketch of Ridge Willow, immediately below:

“Icy Ridge Willow” [12th May 2023] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, sketch with H, HB, 4B and 8B pencils signed in black ink on 280gsm 250mm x 300mm gesso primed canvas [pad], digitally edited image 2856 x 2415 pixels.

“Icy Ridge Willow” was completed in the first and only draft in just under 27 minutes.

The photograph was taken on 21st January 2023 along with several other beautiful shots of the Nature Reserve in a misty fog.  Including a short video of Meadow One, Wildflower Meadow.

For those interested in having a look at these, here is a selection of the finest compositions, starting with “Icy Ridge Willow – photograph” itself:

“Icy Ridge Willow – photograph” [21st January 2023] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

I loved the icy swirls on the ground. I knew in January I must sketch this photo.

Ridge Willow is south, directly adjacent/part of Hay Meadow.

“Wildflower Meadow Entrance no.1 Left – photograph” [21st January 2023] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

It is approximately 200 yards to the trees you see farground, from the gate.

“Wildflower Meadow SW Jan 2023 – photograph” [21st January 2023] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

Birds sing and nest in these trees. Top left there is a bat that flies nightly.

“Wildflower Meadow SW – photograph” [21st January 2023] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

This looks towards the gate entrance to Wildflower Meadow. To the mid-left is where “The Curious Face in the Pond“ [23rd Oct – 7th Nov 2021] was derived. The pond would be frozen on this day in January.

“Wildflower Meadow North – photograph” [21st January 2023] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

Here you see the King James I & IV Oak Tree of 1612 (prominent tree, left).

“Wildflower Meadow WN – photograph” [21st January 2023] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

This faces west, with the fused horse chestnut tree to your left, the King James I & IV Oak Tree of 1612 to the right, facing north.

“Hay Meadow Ground January 2023 – photograph” [21st January 2023] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

Am I the only one believing this photograph to be somewhat cool? Ice and snow, really cool.

“Wildflower Meadow Entrance no.2 Right – photograph” [21st January 2023] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

This photograph is slightly right of the central composition I produced in my sketch “Entrance to Wildflower Meadow” on 23rd May 2022. I thought these misty-foggy shots were interesting enough to include both here on my blog.

If you feel you could make a sketch from any of my photographs I am more than happy for you to do so.

Finally here is a quick video of Wildflower Meadow:

Hope you enjoyed my blog article, sketches and short video.


Mountain Home

Mountain Home“ a writing by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, written in original iron gall ink
on A3 250g/m² mixed media paper signed ‘Matt’, © 30th April 2023.

“i have a mountain i call home,

it is a place no one knows,

no one [here] goes,

it is free to me,

i travel there everyday,

no one [here] can fathom,

they do not understand,

i make the mighty place a minnow,

the minnow place i make mighty,

i form a planet with my breath [my own breath within],

only so as to travel there one day i choose,

its dimensions i know [for i shall make it that way],

it will be one of my homes [for me],

for now i shall make this home lovelier,

as when the Tree were merely roots in the wet soils,

waiting for me as shade with our Sun.”


Kathy Lajvardi – Pop Artist

Kathy Lajvardi describes her inspiration for “Unbreakable Queens“.

The best way to introduce you to Kathy Lajvardi is to include a video in her own words describing the inspiration for her “Unbreakable Queens” Series of works (immediately above).

Kathy is immensely driven. A career spanning blue chip Corporate graphics design, film production stills/animation links, book publishing, musical artists photography and senior art direction. My blog article focuses specifically upon her own handmade painted artworks and high quality prints.

Music is a powerfully evocative platform to communicate emotions and ideas. Like Pop Art master Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kathy Lajvardi involves music in her artmaking process. Her video explains her great love of music and culture being direct artistic influences.

We live in a tough world commercially. Women worked in a male-dominated world in the late 19th Century, even in historically colonial empires. A quick look at the Suffragettes Movement in the United Kingdom in the early 1900’s highlights that women have not always had a fair deal with working opportunities and the generalised rights afforded to men.

With oppression occurring particularly against women in various places people naturally gravitate to highly successful artists such as Beyonce and Madonna. Go-getters, trailblazers, international superstars in a predominant man’s world.

Of course, Westernised norms do not necessarily mean successful societies. Poverty, crime and inequality blights numerous nations regardless of religion, status or working opportunities. There is a swathe of populist movements/trends sweeping the globe primarily through emotional sentiments fuelled via technological communication. It is clearly wise to keep the laws of a land to avoid certain difficulties.

So what can people do with injustice?

Kathy Lajvardi has art as an outlet.

Building upon a rising backdrop of female empowerment Kathy uses symbolism within her work in multi-layered and carefully considered ways to get her message across.

Ancient Persia extolled the literal height of artistic representation along with ancient Egyptian and other Mesopotamian cultures. Therefore it is only meet that Kathy would draw upon her Iranian roots as an artist growing up in California.

Kathy Lajvardi with her “Unbreakable Queens Series” and “Unstoppable, Break” artworks.

You have planned your work, thrown your heart into the project. We should rightfully be proud with personal achievements.

Art is often surprisingly hard work. Social media allows artists to become known, personally. Their dreams, aspirations, how they feel as individual persons. Insights into their lives.

I see multi-facets to Kathy’s personality through her artwork and social media. A woman whom confidently negotiates the commercial world through academic learning, experience, networking and malleability.

“Malleability – the ability to be easily changed into a new shape.” – Cambridge Dictionary.

Unbreakable Queens Series” by Kathy Lajvardi featuring ‘Queen Beyonce‘, ‘Queen Madonna‘, ‘Queen Googoosh‘ and ‘Queen Janet’.

Let me present to you dear Readers one of my spontaneous word associations with regards to the art I see in the “Unbreakable Queens Series” by Kathy Lajvardi:

Tackling challenges head-on, living up to expectations, responsibilities, despair followed by hope, affinity to a higher power, pensive humbleness, patience – all with stylised iconography.

Unstoppable, Rise” and “Unstoppable, Break” by Kathy Lajvardi featured in exhibition gallery space.

Kathy incorporates Iranian history and heritage in “Unstoppable, Rise” and “Unstoppable, Break“.

The crowns in her Pop Art works represent past Iranian monarchy. The lion head is seated upon a woman’s body. Iran’s national flag colors are visible to bring a sense of hope. Kathy’s artworks are very intricate, vibrant with sophistication.

I thought I would post a photograph from Wikipedia of Googoosh from an earlier concert, here:

Googoosh performing in Tehran prior to 1979.

Googoosh is an inspiration to Iranians. A beautiful lady with a strong voice, critically acclaimed in music and films for decades. Here is a list of some of her secular achievements:

1971: first prize and gold record at the Midem trade fair in Cannes (as “Gougoush”) performing two songs in French.

1973: The best actress for Bita in Iranian Sepas film festival

2014: Best Iranian Female Singer (World Music Awards)

2017: Best Music Video For Do Panjereh (Directed by Yasmin Asha) Festigious Film Awards March 2017

2022: Performed at the Expo Festival

[Quotations from Wikipedia).

For a female Iranian performer this shows the ability for people to celebrate the value of their national pride and unique culture.

It is no wonder why Kathy Lajvardi is inspired by an Iranian artist whose fame has transcended many decades. I wanted to get the sense of Kathy’s reasons for producing her recent artwork series. Googoosh is one of those reasons. It might surprise some in Western culture to believe Iranian culture has a rich heritage in films and music.

Whilst Kathy Lajvardi lives in Orange County, LA, (her family emigrating due to the late 1970’s political and military Iranian Revolution) she has a heartfelt yearning with her Iranian hometown and peoples.

What is greater.. the freedom for girls and women to engage in secular education or the bullet and the bomb?

It was the bullet and the bomb that brought about the Iranian Revolution in the late 1970’s.


James I IV Oak Branches in Sunlight

“James I IV Oak Branches in Sunlight” [1st February 2023] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist,
drawing with H, HB, 4B, 8B, sky blue, sunlight yellow and bright red pencils,
signed in black ink on 280gsm 250mm x 300mm gesso primed canvas [pad],
digitally edited image 3201 x 2752 pixels.

My sketch composition shown above is from a photograph taken 19th May 2020 in the afternoon.  My sketch is a fair impressionistic view of the photograph.  I could make this sketch ‘more spectacular’.  I decided to stay true with the original image.  This is how I see the sun shining.  Simplistically beautiful.

Drafts took 35, 22 and 18 minutes each.

My writings regarding the sketch:

“new draft last night late. haven’t sketched in one of the branches yet. might add a sun ray later. it looks nicer on the canvas. it made me happy doing this. i will keep this one sketchy raw prolly.”

“Second draft done under 22 mins. Not prolly doing much more on it. Might add sunshine ‘vortex’ lines. idk. might. i like it. am deciding what more if much to do.”

“btw third draft done. seems underwhelming, like people might prefer the spectacular. yet it is a fair impression of the photo. do i make it more than what it is or keep with the composition as is? idk. i feel its honest. like, this is the way the sun shone that moment 🎨”

“with latest sketch i walked in with my tea food and saw it. the sun looked so honest and real. i couldn’t change it after that. wiping out its branches didn’t feel correct to do. it would be more ‘visually’ spectacular. its just i wanted the branches to be the stars of the sketch 🎨 to me this is spectacular ♏ nb the sun colours remind me of my mid school family tree colour i used in art. a yellow reddish mixed colour i always love. almost a mustardy brown with obvious yellow and red. even then i had the idea my family tree should look old.”

Here a spontaneous image using a diffused torch in the dark of my room:

“Experimentation with a Torch shining upon my Sketch”, making me really, really, really happy. Super happy.

“it looks even better with the torch light direct, its just too bright to photograph. i have had the idea to shine a light on artworks (like my cutout portrait) for sometime. i believe with perfect lighting this artwork reveals the sketch beauty of tree tones with a bright sun. almost like installation art. the idea with an artwork ‘shining’ for just a few minutes of the day (or same so randomly) with light. this is the perfect way for this artwork, interactive.” – bold added, giving reason for a diffused [light] photograph.

Here is the photograph inspiration for my sketch, shown immediately below:

“James I IV Oak Branches in Sunlight – photograph” taken on 19th May 2020 at 1443hrs.

Do you see the sun the way I do?

Story outline – “You walk into an exhibition or museum, passersby admire a simple sketch over a number of hours. Suddenly with random or perpetual order a beautiful light fleetingly glows upon the sun of the sketch. For whatever reason only you and a few others whom happen to be near you get to see the artwork in this wonderful new way.”

Please enjoy 🙂


Sunshine Upon Fallen Logs

“Sunshine Upon Fallen Logs” [18th January 2023] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, drawing with H, HB, 4B and 8B pencils, signed in black ink on 280gsm 250mm x 300mm gesso primed canvas [pad], digitally edited image 3181 x 2742 pixels.

My sketch composition is from a photograph taken 19th May 2020 at 1442hrs.  I sat upon the large fallen branch from the James I IV Oak of 1612.  The wood you see in the sketch came from this large branch. Sawn asunder first by high winds then tidily by men.

The first draft took 51 minutes, a complex construction so it was.  My second draft of 37 minutes defined the woodwork, grass and leaves.  

Here is the original photograph:

“Sunshine Upon Fallen Logs – photograph” [19th May 2020,1442hrs] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

My artwork is somewhat impressionistic although I have kept the general proportions on the canvas. With the speed I made this sketch I am reasonably happy with the outcome. I feel I have made progress with construction ideas whilst making this artwork. Personal art techniques I can refine in new works.

Van Gogh produced some 1,100 drawings! I have approximately 59 sketches/drawings of subjects, objects and landscapes excluding a multitude of abstracts. This does not include my oil paintings, acrylics, pastels and watercolours. As I write I would like to redo one of my lost pastels on board, it is beautiful. I can only hope it was plucked from the garbage heap.

If I can reproduce that particular artwork with the essence of the original I shall be delighted.

I would encourage any fans to make their own version of my artworks from my photographs. Whilst I did do art at school I had a literal near twenty-year semester from doing any sketches, paintings or drawings to formally speak of. During that semester I would say that my photography and music melody/songwriting hobbies were my main artistic interests.

If you click here you can read a good selection of my Sayings, Songs and Poems.

By the way, if.. if I could introduce ‘stepping stones’ at the sites of my sketches it would be wondrous. Why? Simply that I would love to share the area with you, its natural beauty, its uniqueness.

You could get to see through your own eyes, with your own senses the views that have enthralled me.

Please enjoy.


Birch in Buzzards Wood

“Birch in Buzzards Wood” [14th January 2023] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, drawing with H, HB, 4B, 8B pencils and charcoal, signed in black ink on 280gsm 250mm x 300mm gesso primed canvas [pad], digitally edited image 3346 x 2858 pixels.

Quote for “Birch in Buzzards Wood”:

31 minutes, tbh i quite like this as it is.. every shadow has seismic lines whether discernible or not” – this quote is after my first draft.

Here is a photograph after the first draft for comparison to the finished artwork:

“Birch in Buzzards Wood – first draft after 31 minutes” by Matt The Unfathomable Artist,
unsigned work in progress.

Further quote:

“its a nice drawing, people will either like or not i guess. it is merely an artwork of simple things. this tree amazed me tbh. i said to myself ‘i must do an artwork of this tree, its texture is beautiful.’ immediately upon photographing all that time ago. as i look at this artwork on the canvas i can honestly say it has the quality i wanted from the nearest tree.. realism.. it feels as if i could touch the bark. a 3D effect 😍🆒🌲”

I love when I’m happy with my works.

Now for the lovely tree and trees in the composition for my artwork:

“Birch in Buzzards Wood – photograph” [25th March 2021 at 1623hrs] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

You can see my artwork is impressionistic in style.

These verily trees art near the path which is just passed the steps you walk up from Wooden Walkway with Birds Feet straight on, then look left. Buzzards Wood is the woodland trees you see at the top left of Wooden Walkway with Birds Feet.

The Birch tree in this composition is not too far left from Buzzards Wood Hollow – sketch.

Hope you enjoy.