“Three Trees in First Meadow”

Three Trees in First Field

“Three Trees in First Meadow” [31st March 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, 3H HB 3B pencils on 250gsm Artist’s paper signed in black ink.

“Three Trees in First Meadow” [31st March 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, 3H HB 3B pencils on 250gsm Artist’s paper signed in black ink.

Evening turned, a noctule bat darted bird-like in first meadow. Catching swarms of midges busily, mid-height hunting.

The faded light glorious, sunset dazzling yellow, reclining west. Between a field oak and far yonder trees behind. The latter trees appeared as silhouettes, echoing people stood still.

Rays of brilliance hinted flares upon the lens. Moments earlier I had recorded the hungry mammal, the first bat of any kind I’d seen in at least a year.

My first sketch draft took around forty minutes to outline the trees, fauna and sunset.

Then another twenty minutes very late evening that same day. Followed by specific detailing work taking up to half an hour the next day. Happily signing and photographing my work afterwards.

If you can zoom in on this artwork you will see the intricate tree bark layers built up over the sketching sessions.

Here is the photograph:


“Three Trees in First Meadow” [29th March 2021] photograph by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

For this sketch I decided to include only the main branches to highlight the vista stylistically.

This artwork is in keeping with my series of impressionist sketches centering around conservation, minimalism and distinct forms artistically.

All inspired through photographs shot, thus far, in first and third meadow of my local Nature Reserve.

I hope you enjoy them as they’re all about feeling art rather than perfect replication.


Biological Microscopy Art


“Stentor with Chlorophyta” [20th March 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, HB 3H 3B pencils, blue (signed) and black ink pen on A4 paper.

Fans of art know I explore scientific explanations within my work. This is often interlinked with conservation, unique understanding or perhaps even technological innovation.

Viewing microbiology through the lens of professional online biologists, I became inspired to also co-represent the humble macro-organisms in our world.

The immense beauty, function and ‘simple complexity’ to be discovered in microscopic environments is profound.

Stentor with Chlorophyta” by Matt The Unfathomable Artist shown above is my first sketch on this very subject.

Ambiguous, inconceivable and non-descript. I believe this is the initial thinking we have regarding micro-organisms. Until we delve further.

In “Stentor with Stentor Dolphin” by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, second sketch shown below, I seek to add further imagination.


“Stentor with Stentor Dolphin” [23rd March 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, 3B 3H HB pencils & black ink, signed in blue ink pen on A4 135gsm paper.

For instance, an organism might prove naturally efficient in behaviour, similar to a dolphin.

Micro-organisms are much more sustainable, environmentally helpful and purifying than some adverse anti-ecological human behaviours of the early 21st century.

The very reason why I chose to sketch natural micro-organisms with conservation in mind.

I do hope you enjoy these sketches.


Aurélien Villette in Architecture

Verticality – Villa Borromeo d’Adda – Italia – 2012 by Aurélien Villette.

Staircases arranged into symmetric patterns have intrigued oil paint artists for centuries.

With the introduction of photography in the 19th century, photographers quickly began to explore this new technological media for artistic representation.

Villette is a French based professional photographer specialising in architectural subjects with a flair for dramatic colours, intelligent lighting and contemplation.

Aurélien Villette himself describes his work as a life journey. Finding truth in buildings, cultures and civilisations past and present.

I first noted his photographic talents for myself having seen “Verticality – Villa Borromeo d’Adda – Italia – 2012″ by Aurélien Villette (shown above) on his social media page – please kindly click the name link provided for Aurélien’s Instagram page including his business contact information.

As an artist I could see the clever use of lines, excellent technical ability and an immediate sense of spiritual thoughtfulness. His architectural print works carefully composed, directed and produced.

Petra – Jordania – 2019” by Aurélien Villette, shown immediately below, speaks an unknown foreboding.

The outside world colourful, vibrant and imaginable – documentatively contrasted against entry into a nether darkness.

The photograph clearly makes use of architectural beauty and visual anomalies.

Petra – Jordania – 2019 by Aurélien Villette.

Next in “Dogma – Santa Maria – Italia – 2018” by Aurélien Villette, (see image below) we see decay, abandonment or neglect.

Ruination where organic matter has rewritten the building’s original function, its purposed glory.

There is light beyond ruin.

Perhaps there is a new custodian to be found or has nature reclaimed its vestige?

With the great magnificence within this building it seems impossible to believe such architectural assembly could be in a deplorably uninhabitable state.

We likely ponder that nature has its proper place. Buildings require cultivation, due care and attendance.

What we see is ‘The Sphinx becomes as buried in layers of time as the Mummy in a purposed dual contrivance.

Dogma – Santa Maria – Italia – 2018 by Aurélien Villette.

Here in “Dogma – Klaster – Czech Republic – 2019” by Aurélien Villette, photograph immediately below, we’re invited to the spiritual plane of happiness.

There is plenty of room.

It’s light. Warm. Prettily decorative. Spacious enough to reach out and grow as living fauna receiving sunshine rays.

We can look toward the stars, Sing, Dance and Enjoy.

Dogma – Klaster – Czech Republic – 2019 by Aurélien Villette.

I encourage you to follow Aurélien’s photographic journeys to see what spiritual enlightenment there is to know through formulaic structures.


“Ridge Willow Spring Blossom” sketch

“Ridge Willow Spring Blossom” [25th March 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

Quick half an hour sketch, first draft, produced from a composition photographed earlier that afternoon.

3B, 3H, HB pencils, signed with blue ink pen.

There are blossom trees sparsely dotted in Field Three where this photograph, shown below, was taken:

“Ridge Willow Spring Blossom” photograph 25th March 2021.

I liked the two posts for their light and shade effect seen in my sketch, first image above.

The seamless integration of wood in its natural environment.

Even chopped bracken through the process of landscape work is utilised as support fencing in some areas of Field Three.

This includes use as an additional road sound breaker too.

Here is the links to my series of local Nature Reserve sketches:

“Buzzards Wood” sketch and photograph

“Wren’s Nest Pond” – One and Two

“Ridge Willow” photography and sketch artworks

“Wren’s Nest Wood” – original Kelvin colour scale works

I hope you enjoy my conservation series of sketches and photographs.


“Buzzards Wood” sketch

“Buzzards Wood” [24th March 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

I very recently made several photographs on a field trip to my local Nature Reserve. 

The composition shown immediately below, here.. :

Buzzards Wood Photograph

.. was my favourite of these for the pencils sketch work you see in the first image above.

Another photograph from this particular field trip is suitable for an exquisite watercolour in my opinion.

This wood has been named by me in the sketch due to buzzards regularly soaring over these trees and surrounding fields. 

Furthermore, I once saw a buzzard land on a Buzzards Wood tree towards the roadside.

The trees were planted as a sound break, along with an embankment to shield noise from the adjacent dual carriageway.

‘Buzzards Wood’ is directly opposite ”Wren’s Nest Wood’ with a path and grass field in between. 

Buzzards Wood has an elliptical 0 shape with a + path inside the 0 and an 0 path way all around its wood.

One end of the 0 path way is rounded, whilst the other end is pointed.  The latter leads onto a larger public field, with an oak tree in Field Three to the left. 

A c1612 dated Oak Tree sits proudly on the other side of the Nature Reserve in between Field One and Field Two. 

Whereas Buzzards Wood and Wren’s Nest Wood, including Ridge Willow, are all located in Field Three from where this and four of my earlier sketches are derived:

“Ridge Willow”, “Wren’s Nest Pond One & Two” and “Wren’s Nest Wood”.

The c1612 Oak Tree can be physically seen from the lower-outer path way of Field Three.

My sketch entitled “Buzzards Wood” [24th March 2021] includes specific personal techniques.

I shall call these Lightning Lines and Autography Details.

Please note these Nature Reserve sketches are representative of conservation interests with the counter idea of a barren fauna portrayed.

The Nature Reserve images depict the considerable efforts of ingenuity with conservation.

If you’re interested, please click the following link to see my “Ridge Willow Spring Blossom” sketch. 

This latter sketch was created on 25th March 2021 after “Buzzards Wood”.


Meteorite Two Imagination

“Meteorite Two Imagination – Bright” [6800K, edited, 8th March 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

This image is best viewed at a distance exceeding two metres to replicate atmospheric heat effect.

“Meteorite Two Imagination – Blue” [3800Kx2, 8th March 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

This image is best viewed at a distance exceeding two metres to replicate atmospheric heat effect.

“Meteorite Two Imagination – Yellow” [10000Kx3, 8th March 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

This image is best viewed at a distance exceeding two metres to replicate atmospheric heat effect.


“Ridge Willow” Artworks

“Ridge Willow 5800K – Natural” [digital photography 2nd March 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

Walking along the manmade ridge adjacent to two ponds within my local Nature Reserve, I envisaged the sunlight producing some lovely photography.

I took a few shots on top of the ridge, then realised whilst standing at the lower side that the up-facing angle would create excellent visual contrasts.

The right-side shows a Basket Willow (Osier) in winter. There are green mosses and sedge plants dotted across the ridge too.

Interestingly the Basket Willow is planted in this Nature Reserve specifically for “effluent treatment.. for water purification..” due to the fact that..

“.. Salix viminalis is a known hyperaccumulator of cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, petroleum hydrocarbons, organic solvents, MTBE, TCE and byproducts, selenium, silver, uranium, and zinc, and as such is a prime candidate for phytoremediation.” – quotation directly from Wikipedia.

As regards positive climate change, manmade global warming, resources efficiency and my conservation activism interests – the natural purification synergy adds to the communication value through these artistic representations.

Here is the “Yellow” version of the same photograph:

“Ridge Willow 10000Kx2K – Yellow” [digital photography 2nd March 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

I like this version equally, 10000Kx2.

Then we have 3800Kx2 providing a much cooler looking image, immediately below:

“Ridge Willow 3800Kx2K – Blue” [digital photography 2nd March 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

Here is my sketched version in blue ink pen on A4 paper.  This version is digitally edited to create a black and white version:

“Ridge Willow Ink Sketch – digital black & white version” [Blue Ink 3rd March 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

My sketching style includes swirls and squiggles using numerable continuous lines to give the landscape effect.

It’s fair to write my Osier branches are mostly oscillations and overlays with fewer definitive straight lines.

Again, as with my most recent works, the use of Kelvin colour scale adjustments is purposed to represent our need to reverse manmade global warming.


“Bremsstrahlung” Poem


“Air the quiet after a Caribbean storm,
Wind blown dust settled,
Soft breezy stillness.
Lightning enriched,
Charged particles, ionized happy 🙂
Fresh like Antarctican mountain snow,
Where gusts breach one hundred empirically,
Wolverine traverses Alaskan peaks,
with swagger-fleeted perfection,
The morning run,
in a City,

– a poem by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, in News Gothic MT, © 25th February 2021.