“Self Portrait within the Universe”

“Self Portrait within the Universe” [20th/21st June 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, sketch with 3H HB 3B pencils signed in iron gall ink on A4 250gsm Artist’s paper.

Artwork includes luminary light with digitally edited photography to create this image.

The title for this artwork is based upon an ancient quotation. “Self Portrait within the Universe” includes direct visual references to unfathomable phenomena.


“Rabbit in Meadow Sunset”

“Rabbit in Meadow Sunset” [17th June 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, sketch with 3H HB 3B pencils signed in black ink on A4 250gsm Artist’s paper.

“Rabbit in Meadow Sunset” [17th June 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist is my most recent Meadow Conservation series of sketched artworks. Featuring the fields of my local nature reserve.

It originally looked like this:

earlier draft version of “Rabbit in Meadow Sunset”

However, having subsequently photographed an adorable baby rabbit on one of my walks that day I decided to include the rabbit in my sketch.

I believed that for my Meadow Conservation series of artworks, the first draft was too eerie for the beauty I wished to highlight in the field. On the paper, the final version is slightly greater in contrast than in the first image above.

I think it looks even better when you actually see it for yourself, as the dark highlights are closer in values to the first draft on the paper.

Here is the cute lil baby rabbit.. it.. is.. really really.. a joyous little creature:

DIstant photograph of a baby rabbit on a field near Ridge Willow [June 2021]

Through my appreciation of past masters I am seeing the inspiration of Picasso, Van Gogh, and in this rabbit, Edvard Munch in my work. The style of my drawing the rabbit’s expression was completely chance, through over-sketching work on the paper.

Not until I zoomed in on the baby rabbit’s head did I see an unintended facial expression.

Immediately I thought, Munch of inspiration. I also chose to keep the ‘eyes in the grass’ just above right of the rabbit. A small dog went chasing the rabbits away, so perhaps this is why I inadvertently drew the rabbit showing ghastly surprise.

The reason I kept this expression in my artwork is to kind of picture the effect manmade negative climate change and habitat destruction is having on wildlife.

I might sketch this lovely baby rabbit again, to show its qualities in a non-stylistic, realist way.


Chess in Art

“Passing” [7th June 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, sketch with 3H HB 3B pencils signed in black ink on A4 250gsm Artist’s paper.

This artwork title, “Passing” [7th June 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, is a literal translation of an early board game called ‘Senet’ popular in ancient Egypt from at least c2600BCE – 3100BCE.

I have known to play the game of chess from an early age, due to my Dad having a great interest in chess throughout his life. Reading books, owning chess computers, playing over the board at chess clubs et al. My Dad was secretary at county and local club level.

I myself captained a local chess club playing home and away events, won a club classical over-the-board Swiss Tournament and made runner-up in a club classical over the board annual All Play All competition.

Here is my Swiss Tournament winner’s trophy in 2003 (without showing my personal name inscribed on the trophy for anonymity):

My Swiss Tournament 2003 Winner’s trophy won at a Chess Club over the board annual competition.

Every chess player appreciates that to receive a competition trophy is a very happy achievement. Even more so knowing some of my opponents had competed successfully at county level. One of my opponents from this 2003 tournament had previously drew a chess Grandmaster (GM) in an over-the-board simultaneous competition!

The reason I created this artwork shown above is for my love of chess, the beauty of the game and its place in art history.

Here is the spiritually symbolic ancient Egyptian board game of Senet being played by Queen Nefertari [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nefertari]:

Nefertari (1295–1255 BC) playing the ancient Egyptian game ‘Senet’ [photography of the wall relief by The Yorck Project – 2002)

As an artwork it’s particularly interesting to note Queen Nefertari is seated upon a square chequered drapered chair. Clearly we also see Senet pieces displayed in-game on the table board, not unlike modern chess pieces!!

This communicates to us the thinking abilities of ancient human beings, culturally, spiritually and intellectually. Whilst our sciences and some religious ideas might differ through centuries of new learning, human intelligence is really a preservation of society, our individual life course and personal/collective decisions.



“The Observant Squirrel” – sketch

“The Observant Squirrel” [11th June 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, sketch with 3H HB 3B pencils signed in black ink on A4 250gsm Artist’s paper.

This dear squirrel is composed from a video still photograph, curiously eating whilst observing me. The squirrel preferred a quiet supper it would seem.

Squirrels, otters, wolverines, honey badgers and raccoons all have distinctly comical personalities. Seconds after you see dear squirrel in this sketch, it drops the stick it was chewing upon and then, lightning quickly turning its head, looks directly at me.

As if to say ‘excuse me, sir, I am very busy doing squirrel things.’.

Naturally hilarious.


“Buzzards Wood Hollow” – sketch

“Buzzards Wood Hollow” [9th June 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, sketch with 3H HB 3B pencils signed in black ink on A4 250gsm Artist’s paper.

I photographed a few compositions of the entrance to Buzzards Wood via the central hollow from Meadow Three. This opening is directly opposite to Ridge Willow and Wrens Wood. There are three additional entranceways into Buzzards Wood.

There are four pathways within and immediately surrounding Buzzards Wood. Whenever I’m writing regarding Buzzards Wood I’m usually referring to the Nature Reserve area. However, Buzzards Wood technically also encompasses the wood to the rear (bow, north) beyond the Nature Reserve itself, in my opinion.

Buzzards fly regularly over the meadows, woods, and towards the north, where there is a local fishing pond. The post at the lower right of my sketch actually used to be a wooden bench. I rather hope it is restored as a bench as this is a great sitting place, centrally in Meadow Three.

Further along to this bench is a ‘watervole ground stone’. Rabbits do seem to enjoy using the flat stone surface as a convenient toilet, haha. A ‘rabbit ground stone’ can be viewed inside Buzzards Wood at the pathway crossroads, nicely covered by the shade of trees to enjoy. Rabbits frequent all three meadows, the private land to the west and all around the 29 acre lake to the south.

Another ‘ground stone’ meets with you to the left as one enters Meadow Three from Meadow One, walking up a small number of steps.

My sketch style in this article strongly reminds me of the beautifully artistic childrens animations I used to watch as a boy.

In keeping with that theme I included fanciful eyes and faces, Picasso-esque, to add fun to some of these series of artworks.


Meadow Conservation Sketches

“Peace at Gated Meadow” [May/June 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, 3H HB 3B graphite pencils signed in black ink on 250gsm A4 artists paper.

The artwork above entitled ‘Peace at Gated Meadow” includes ‘M autography seismic-sound waves grass’, purely for positive climate change. 

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

“Running Rabbit of the Meadows” [May 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, 3H HB 3B graphite pencils signed in black ink on 250gsm A4 artists paper.

Art fans please remember the way you draw is your own uniqueness to enjoy. 

“Running Rabbit of the Meadows” immediately above is from an actual photograph I took in betwixt Meadows One and Two of my local nature reserve.

The photograph is very grainy due to the zoom and speed of the rabbit, taken from a mobile phone video recording. Therefore I needed to freestyle somewhat.

It was immense fun. In the corner where this family of rabbits is, there is an old rusty cart on its side. One day I hope to produce a horse and cart sculpture there.

Let’s hope for such an opportunity. The reason I’d like to do this is to compliment the 1612 dated oak tree along the edge to its west.

“Peace at Gated Meadow” photograph by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, May 2021.

For comparison purposes I thought I would share the photograph inspiration for “Peace at Gated Meadow”, photo above.

I believe this to be such pretty a view, instantly I wanted to sketch the vista. Interestingly dog training and cow grazing have featured in this very field near to my local lake.

Furthermore organised running and walking is a regular pastime of locals, along with the childrens playground, picnics, feeding water birds and fish, fishing and lake boating.


Electro Oscillation, Sound and Seismic Waves

“Triple Vertical Horizontal Seismic Waves – Perfect Imperfection” [11th May 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, dip nib pen with iron gall ink on A4 250gsm Artist’s paper.
“Electro-Oscillation Waves – one” [30th April 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, iron gall ink with dip nib pen on A4 135gsm Artist’s paper.

The beauty of Seismic, Sound and Electro-Oscillation waves as a representation of art is apparent in both my artworks, shown above.

I find great enjoyment making these. The iron gall ink is perfect for fine lines, whilst using a dip nib pen requires accurate movement upon the paper.

There is a sense of connection to humanity and science producing these works. It’s an immensely peaceful process.

Usually I practice a few lines with the dip nib pen and then plan the design in mind. Triple vertical-horizontal lines use space excellently, in addition to looking good on the page.

The idea of listening to the Earth through human science is definitely a theme of my work in this area.

I think any art fan would reasonably find these works pleasing on the paper. Looking at them admiringly as I do, the whole simplicity enthralls me.

I hope dear Readers make their own art waves, Seismic, Sound or Electro Oscillation to appreciate this work even more.

Usually Seismic edges are more pointed, Sound edges curved at least at one end and Electro Oscillation waves have a patterned conformity to them.

Of course, how you make your waves is entirely up to you. Hopefully we can see everyones work online, as that would be fun.

Very best, Matt The Unfathomable Artist.


Monet Painted Spring

“Monet Painted Spring” [May 2021] a poem by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, in electronically written ‘Univers’ font.

“Monet Painted Spring”

“Their Sounds are an Orchestra to me,


Songs, Melodies, Conversations afar,

Water Rail and thy ascended Sky Lark,

Thine sight is a Field of Greens,

Betwixt Yellow Blue-Creams,

Rested here for quiet Studied scenes,

For thou art my plateaued Mountain,

Muddy carpeted, oaken Queen,

Thouest Monet painted Spring,

Bejewelled vision thou hast yet seen,

Rabbits hazel-brown, white-tailed hues,


Perfect rainbow covered,

Meadow shielded views,

One end to t’other,

Grains of feet an’ barley for thine Meal,

Buzzards Wood rising proud thy Bow,

Wrens Wood drawn aft galloping South.

A tinctured scythe for reaping Hay,

‘If thy made’st thou on thy Potter’s Wheel,

You’d be youthfully kiln fire minted Clay.’”

– a poem by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, copyright May 2021.


Light upon the Nightly Frog

“Light upon the Nightly Frog – sketch” [4th May 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, 3H HB 3B graphite pencils signed in black ink pen on A4 250gsm Artist’s paper.

On my birth day, the 3rd of May, I walked in the evening on a rainy day for some time amongst nature.

My local lake was very quiet of people, for the rain was heavy most of the day.

I had already seen wild rabbits eerily hopping about the pathways devoid of human activity. Even though night was still quite early.

The frog you see in my sketch (and photograph below) walked directly in front of me, over a path onwards to grass and the nearby woods. Travelling away from the lake, now some 75 feet behind.

I took this delightful opportunity to photograph the reluctant dear frog. I did so quickly so as to let the frog on its merrily way.

Before my eyes the frog dug its back legs into the soaking wet mud, as if the grass were Saharan sand to cover its whereabouts.

Oddly the frog looked rather indignant, yet intelligently patient. ‘Oh if you must photograph me, please do so speedily to let me on my sojourneying.”

Frog knew I was there. Its sentience clear and self glorious.

Here is our dear beloved frog:

“Light upon the Nightly Frog – photograph” [3rd May 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

“the Rabbits of Ridge Willow – sketch one”

“the Rabbits of Ridge Willow – sketch one” [28th April 2021] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, 3H HB 3B pencils, signed in black ink on A4 250gsm Artist’s paper.

“the Rabbits of Ridge Willow – sketch one” really is a very quick simple sketch from a photograph of a rabbit at Ridge Willow. 

I was stood still watching it lift up from its grass cover to chew some hay.

The first sketch session details were drawn ‘plein air’ in half an hour whilst I sat just in front of Ridge Willow, by their nearby burrow. 

This artwork is purely fun. Discovering there were rabbits actually living on Ridge Willow is a delight of nature.