A Collection of Sayings, Poems and Songs by Matt The Unfathomable Artist

‘That we are travelling with the Sun at great speed in all four directions, actually seven, is insight beyond my comprehension at this time.’ 


       by Matt The Unfathomable Artist – © September 2017.


“Who made the stars work together to make firm your walking?” or “How did the stars work together to hold your walking in its place?”

“Who put forth a limit to your understanding that the ape does not know?”

“Good Domestic Policy is fair tithe between all.”

“An exception to an agreed rule brings a finger that will wag or a tongue that will sway.”

“Scales well balanced benefit all. Not a nod or a wink to be seen.”

“Happiness receives much gain and its home is a joy to see.”

“Wisdom is Open & Non Judgemental.  Everyone knows exactly where this stands.”

“Great Speakers are good Conductors. Leaders rather than unseasoned followers. Yielders to reason rather than bucklers for selfish gain.”

“Pawns once removed shift balance whilst equal numbers percent a pleasing draw to conclude.”

“Time is a two-way pressure. Yet all things seem relative to only one.”

“Resolve lifts up the shoulders, a helping hand keeps comforting a burden.”

“A family is like a beloved homeland.  A castle with a roaring fire against the cold and a contented nest for its warmth.”

“A contender can speak brash words to stir up whilst a seasoned Champion speaks of calm.”

“Equal is the work of the strong ones hands and the speed of their thoughts.”

“One that works hard at life sees gain. It is like Gold, Silver and Bronze for its sheer weight or like a purse signed with many colourful banners.”

“An emblem is a sign of fortitude and strength. Its people speak out glad things and welcomes strangers as friends.”

“The mere hen of a wealthy persons garden lays eggs each and every day. She does not concern herself over food nor does she become anxious under rain.”

“A drink quenches the thirst for a moment.  Love is remembered forever.”

“A woman’s heart is at its fullest whilst suckling her newborn child.”

“Deep prussian blues swimming, terracotta heights cascading, brimming, yellow golds mixing, blue and white skies sunkissing, a marvellous photo for the person relaxed, picturing.”

“Can you build a house without breaking a worm?” or “Who can build a house without breaking a worm?”

“Would you love your child less that they babbled from their beginning to talk?  Or that they stumbled to walk?” – by Matt The Unfathomable Artist – Copyright © 17th December 2015

“Elohim is wise that Elohim made all of us eat from the clay that Elohim made.” – Have you ever considered why the intellectuals spoke about the Mind of Elohim?

Wonders shall cease not, though one million solar years pass with feet that tread mud.– published on 30th January 2018

‘Urgency mixed with the oils of imperturbability’

‘There is light approaching, for the dawn settles many a dispute with the night’

by Matt The Unfathomable Artist © 2012 onwards


“Momentary Weakness” a poem © 24th May 2015:

“Momentary weakness is the passing of the night,

the full Moon that rides quietly by,

it’s the Swans for gliding forever high,

on the waves made by our Sun’s rapturous roaring flight,

in a mustering up of energy ready for the invisible fight,

a gathering of thoughts to win out with last breaths might,

as I’ve said before ‘You cannot contain thy spirit’ quite,

when with all thy stand unequalled in this mind, that is ever thirsting for the Light.”


“The Ballet of Swifts & Swallows”

“The eager dances of Swallows flying in erratic playful dives,

Competing the ballet of winged pirouettes with excited cries,

Swifts that scatter in cloudy rain filled skies,

Checking in all directions as dust that appears alive to sweet sunlight sighs,

A tiny bat hungrily at our heads whispering loudly for its find,

Weaving the way through the insect laden murkiness of this dusky night,

Geese chattering shrieks pitched ever high,

Whilst low searching for the glistening of soft blankets below, to plough with their feet like gentle snow.

Yes, this is how at day’s end I see my mind’s eyes on this cushion glow.”

by Matt The Unfathomable Artist – Copyright © July 2015.


“The Indestructible Imperceptibility”

“I am the constraint of where I am from

Turn histories pages and there you see a resemblance

See my birth, the traits before me

New virtues brought into the Earth my own

Look at their beginning

The indestructible imperceptibility

Utmost love for the following

Listening indefinitely for a new place

A calling distinctly thy own.”

by Matt The Unfathomable Artist – Copyright © 23rd October 2015


‘The Living Artwork Eternal That Breatheth Not.’Copyright © May 4th [2016]


“The Foundlings.”

A block made by Humankind, its breathing within.

First it’s blow an astonishment,

The building Hammer swift and unyielding for the Second strike.

Those that move around with camels make ancient cakes,

Feet sprout downwards strong as fig roots into the ground.

Palatial Grasses overgrow Dusts by the Water from its Rivers old.

Smiles are The Starry Night,

Peoples of the Vineyards and their Storehouses gather,

Trees spring forth for The Yellow Moon.

Their long necks are made happy,

As Thorns are gathered up for dung.

Even The Horned One recovers and the Grey Tail finds peace.”

The Foundlings’ poem by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, Copyright © 9th February 2017.


‘Yellowish-Amber Glare’ 

“Look into his eyes, the yellowish-amber stare, blackness from the glare cuts through like Samurai for glinting shine without a care.  Elephant-eyed for fear now grown lest not be spared.  Walks away waiting starving awakened hibernated bear.  Trumpeted chilled sounds through bones with frights that scare.  Patience ‘gainst the mighty grey-skinned bulk, ivory tusks laid bare as world with double heart in anger sulk at loss with all its greedy poaching took.

Those same yellowish-amber eyes at approaching thunders rumble, amok that skin as muddy muck, his roaring teeth that grip neck to slaughter just, eve’ that mighty Buffalo, Eland and Sambar deer unto death and humbled wayward stock.

The speed of cheetahs outrun him not when vehement kill in stalking ground a determined heart to stop.  Attack his cubs and meat is cauldron pot in fire-belly kiln vigorous hot.  Nightly lightening as two steely diamonds blink above-below the Earth in wide eyed scanning know.  Remember halted hyena sought, smashed its back to the dust as a patterned blanket throw.  Severed female in defended pity plight, thus charge five hyenas robust of muscled might that rips dog as bread to dip in spite.  Leopards their vicious claws, track thy will, quiet slow, for wieldy rushing advancing low, tickling flanks before heavy crushing canines final blow.

Lifeless forms in mouth do lull and broken arrowed bow.  Made dead afore the jaw its cranially crooked bone fused to jagged bone less skin doth show.

Vibrating arachnid waits as ever beating heart in patience slow.

Blue eyes white fur as crown that shimmers snow, in fear lack of those whitened swords prancing untroubled seeds to sew.  Cricket takes step back for deaths escape from fangs poised without a sound, as cursed on land it chirpy crow.  Bird songs with stars twinkle spectacular dancing gown in tweeting twirling all around, Atmospheric Jewel from Venus to Mars that minded-meld eager takes-in of dear beheld.

Those early years cast of tree-lined jungle depths.  Days, Weeks, Months and Years the maturity of branches sighing moans, just as wind through Autumnal leaves delighted blows.  Hooves kick.  Cajole.  Near drown and never-ending Earthly mock.

Who really knoweth raging angst hiding as decades pass in the Viper’s venom grasp?

Truly it be unrequited said, ‘Love is my name, A cradle in thy riverbed.’”

‘Yellowish-Amber Glare’ by Matt The Unfathomable Artist – Copyright © December 2015.


“A Deeper Crescendo”

“Wherever your hair shines as the sea, Excited dolphins are your pretty curls, Two moons become your breathing, The sweet tide gives way Near and Far, Sounds of ecstatic waves, Below for a deeper crescendo.”

“A Deeper Crescendo” poem by Matt The Unfathomable Artist – Copyright © November 2015.


“Spirit Heal”


“I guess you think you know who you are,

But there’s so much more, to come by far,

You’ve gotta open up, like lilly fields

Think I’m good for you, to spirit heal

Saw you through windows sun behind

Saw you’re hiding thoughts while I smiled

Gotta tell you now, I see so deep

There isn’t much you can hide from me”

by Matt The Unfathomable Artist,  Copyright © June 2006


‘314’ – a fictional story by Matt The Unfathomable Artist 

“314 always awaits the visit from an assassin with surprising eagerness just as someone might enjoy taking notes for their boss, serving customers or chairing meetings.  314 welcomes imminent danger with supreme excitement much like the squeal of pigs for their swill. Adrenaline overload without necessary office rules or the need for a glowing appraisal.

A silent threat is the calm before a violently raging storm.  314 kept innumerable methods for dispatching innately aggressive enemies locked into his strongly guarded mind.  Twisted distorted movements paralleling a host of skilful dances where legs and arms would defy belief in readiness to respond throughout his tightly muscled body.  Often we have seen flesh, skin and bone giving way to the crunching and breaking from tiger jaws.  Those wild flame filled eyes seemed to speak to 314.

Having ascended out from the depth of an unprecedented watery reflection 314 quite often perceived his good looks as an altogether more frightening contortion.  Devoid of any need to question his brutal capabilities.  Long ago that same watery reflection having shattered into a thousand mirrored pieces to instantaneously reveal the cold machine-like ability that lay behind his impossibly handsome green eyes.

Presently 314 has concealed his whereabouts.  Lying beneath the stars, unruffled with handgun reassuringly holstered at his chest, fully clothed aside from his Italian designer shoes.  He has been sleeping tentatively in control of any sudden need for lethal action.  The Ministry of Defence had many years previous conducted thorough tests on Special Forces’ operational ability upon waking from sleep deprivation.  Notably helicopter Commanders whose first few minutes of early hours enemy alerts require swift awareness and technical precision.

314 had read these impressively meticulous MoD papers with considerable interest. Comparing his own operational experiences and making conscious adjustments to his restfulness versus on duty decorum.  During his childhood his sleep had often been interrupted by fear.  Fear was a bygone word to 314, a distant memory and a completely unnecessary emotion to his being.  Inconvenient really, the distant past.

Within a few breaths 314 is focused like a Rottweiler angrily catching sight of a competing Mastiff.  An assassin whose physical stature is more akin to a large tiger rather than any normal human being is quietly and expertly stepping up.  Body widened and excessively dangerous ready for the bloodiest of challenges.  The assassin is around 118 kilos yet alarmingly agile.  314 is in for a very tough night.  The strike force of this assassin alone is quite extraordinary. Almost unearthly.”

‘314’ by Matt The Unfathomable Artist – Copyright ©2013-2018


A Provenance Poem:

‘The Pathways, Currents and Tides of the Universe.

Eight Luminaries Enforced along with the Sun,

One Heart Moving Jupiter

Five Rocks Shifted in Time.

And A Work of Art in the Waiting,

Whose Wings Span Millions of Years

In Her Turning Quite Beautifully Around.

Ah, Who Really is the Controller Of Dusts Above and the Dusts Below?’

A Provenance Poem ‘The Pathways, Currents and Tides of the Universe’ by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, copyright ©2012.


Please note this blog article will be updated over the years as a published record of artistic sayings, poems and songs by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

A Collection of Sayings, Poems and Songs by Matt The Unfathomable Artist – copyright © 2002 onwards.


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