A Collection of Sayings, Poems and Songs by Matt The Unfathomable Artist

“That we are travelling with the Sun at great speed in all four directions, actually seven, is insight beyond my comprehension at this time.” 


       by Matt The Unfathomable Artist – © September 2017.


“Good Domestic Policy is fair between all.”

“An exception to an agreed rule brings a finger that will wag or a tongue that will sway.”

“Scales well balanced benefit all.  Not a nod or a wink to be seen.”

“Happiness receives much gain and its home is a joy to see.”

“Wisdom is Open & Non Judgmental.  Everyone knows exactly where this stands.”

“Great Speakers are good Conductors. Leaders rather than unseasoned followers. Yielders to reason rather than bucklers for selfish gain.”

“Pawns once removed shift balance whilst equal numbers percent a pleasing draw to conclude.”

“Time is a two-way pressure. Yet all things seem relative to only one.”

“Resolve lifts up the shoulders, a helping hand keeps comforting a burden.”

“A family is like a beloved homeland.  A castle with a roaring fire against the cold and a contented nest for its warmth.”

“A contender can speak brash words to stir up whilst a seasoned Champion speaks of calm.”

“Equal is the work of the strong ones hands and the speed of their thoughts.”

“One that works hard at life sees gain. It is like Gold, Silver and Bronze for its sheer weight or like a purse signed with many colourful banners.”

“An emblem is a sign of fortitude and strength. Its people speak out glad things and welcomes strangers as friends.”

“The mere hen of a wealthy person’s garden lays eggs day by day.  She does not concern herself over food nor does she become anxious under rain.”

“A drink quenches the thirst for a moment.  Love is remembered forever.”

“A woman’s heart is at its fullest whilst suckling her newborn child.”

“Deep prussian blues swimming, terracotta heights cascading, brimming, yellow golds mixing, blue and white skies sunkissing, a marvellous photo for the person relaxed, picturing.”

“Can you build a house without breaking a worm?” or “Who can build a house without breaking a worm?”

“Would you love your child less that they babbled from their beginning to talk?  Or that they stumbled to walk?” – by Matt The Unfathomable Artist – Copyright © 17th December 2015

“Elohim is wise that Elohim made all of us eat from the clay that Elohim made.” – Have you ever considered why the intellectuals spoke about the Mind of Elohim?

Wonders shall cease not, though one million solar years pass with feet that tread mud.– published on 30th January 2018

‘Urgency mixed with the oils of imperturbability’

‘There is light approaching, for the dawn settles many a dispute with the night’

‘Our legs are the Wheels of the Universe’

“Who made the stars work together to make firm your walking?” or “How did the stars work together to hold your walking in its place?”

“If entirely fathomable, wouldn’t be Unfathomable.”

“Who art wisest, those that know not the heart or those that know the Land, the Sea and the Air?”

“I know that to circumnavigate the Darkness we each need Light at its due time.”

“There is a place we do not know, that will never knows, that when we do know, will never knows, even though we do already know that before time it is impossible to know.”

by Matt The Unfathomable Artist © 2012 onwards


“My People” 

“I used to cry in the most Northern Place of My People. 

They would see me and they would cry heavily with me in their hearts. 

My People are in the East and the South Places too. 

I have My People in the Islands throughout the Divers Places

and in the Western Places where the Elk calls out like the Angel that made them strong.”

A saying by Matt The Unfathomable Artist © 2nd October 2018


“Momentary Weakness” a poem © 24th May 2015:

“Momentary weakness is the passing of the night,

the full Moon that rides quietly by,

it’s the Swans for gliding forever high,

on the waves made by our Sun’s rapturous roaring flight,

in a mustering up of energy ready for the invisible fight,

a gathering of thoughts to win out with last breaths might,

as I’ve said before ‘You cannot contain thy spirit’ quite,

when with all thy stand unequalled in this mind, that is ever thirsting for the Light.”


“The Ballet of Swifts & Swallows”

“The eager dances of Swallows flying in erratic playful dives,

Competing the ballet of winged pirouettes with excited cries,

Swifts that scatter in cloudy rain filled skies,

Checking in all directions as dust that appears alive to sweet sunlight sighs,

A tiny bat hungrily at our heads whispering loudly for its find,

Weaving the way through the insect laden murkiness of this dusky night,

Geese chattering shrieks pitched ever high,

Whilst low searching for the glistening of soft blankets below, to plough with their feet like gentle snow.

Yes, this is how at day’s end I see my mind’s eyes on this cushion glow.”

by Matt The Unfathomable Artist – Copyright © July 2015.


“The Indestructible Imperceptibility”

“I am the constraint of where I am from

Turn histories pages and there you see a resemblance

See my birth, the traits before me

New virtues brought into the Earth my own

Look at their beginning

The indestructible imperceptibility

Utmost love for the following

Listening indefinitely for a new place

A calling distinctly thy own.”

by Matt The Unfathomable Artist – Copyright © 23rd October 2015


“The Living Artwork Eternal That Breatheth Not.” – Copyright © May 4th [2016]


“The Foundlings.”

A block made by Humankind, its breathing within.

First it’s blow an astonishment,

The building Hammer swift and unyielding for the Second strike.

Those that move around with camels make ancient cakes,

Feet sprout downwards strong as fig roots into the ground.

Palatial Grasses overgrow Dusts by the Water from its Rivers old.

Smiles are The Starry Night,

Peoples of the Vineyards and their Storehouses gather,

Trees spring forth for The Yellow Moon.

Their long necks are made happy,

As Thorns are gathered up for dung.

Even The Horned One recovers and the Grey Tail finds peace.”

The Foundlings’ poem by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, Copyright © 9th February 2017.


“Spirit Heal”


“I guess you think you know who you are,

But there’s so much more, to come by far,

You’ve gotta open up, like lilly fields

Think I’m good for you, to spirit heal

Saw you through windows sun behind

Saw you’re hiding thoughts while I smiled

Gotta tell you now, I see so deep

There isn’t much you can hide from me”

by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, Copyright © June 2006


A Provenance Poem, “The Pathways, Currents and Tides of the Universe” 

‘The Pathways, Currents and Tides of the Universe.

Eight Luminaries Enforced along with the Sun,

One Heart Moving Jupiter

Five Rocks Shifted in Time.

And A Work of Art in the Waiting,

Whose Wings Span Millions of Years

In Her Turning Quite Beautifully Around.

Ah, Who Really is the Controller Of Dusts Above and the Dusts Below?’

A Provenance Poem ‘The Pathways, Currents and Tides of the Universe’ by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, Copyright ©2012.


Sacré Ciel

“Marcel flowered fruits orchard bloom bosomed womb

Inward outward gardens honest multi-coloured plume

Ordered compositions ♬ Camille Saint-Saëns ♬ Étienne

Yellow Skirted Modesty

Sacré Ciel du Museon Arlaten

Claudine à la Guitare for display

y el Mandolina humilité

Le Verre de Hroms et Titane became

Bequeathed to the Aquarium seas

turning Verde Oscuro pleased

Châtaigne Profond 

Still moving Farmyards bond

Gathering by the fountain pond

Lamelles des Bois

Wrought Lively Fronds

Flamenco Red Diving Sun

Les Danses furnace Hearted fun 😍”

a poem by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, Copyright © 4th January 2019


“The Thinking from Old”

“Metals cover over,

the Mirror returns the Light,

from the Outside it cannot be seen,

not without the Passing,

very great are Their multitudinous speeds,

all of Them compacted like the smallest of atoms,

the Outermost band is marvellously deep that Light itself is held,

the Outermost band keeps It safe”

by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, copyright ©7th April 2019

This is all I can comprehend of this phenomena in the present time


Please note this blog article will be updated over the years as a published record of artistic sayings, poems and songs by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

A Collection of Sayings, Poems and Songs by Matt The Unfathomable Artist – copyright © 2002 onwards.


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