About The Unfathomable Artist

I have created this art blog to share art commentaries and thoughts with you.  In my blog you will find information about past art masters, contemporary artists and their works.

I usually select four artworks to showcase for every artist that features on my blog.  This includes my expert artistic analysis and interesting facts about the artists and their work.

If you click on the Menu at the top of my blog you can request to be sent new blog articles I’ve produced as soon as they’re posted online.  This is a free service from WordPress.  All you do is simply provide your email address and WordPress will send you a message when a new blog is posted.

Who I Am:

  • I am a Creative Artist from England UK producing oil paintings on canvas and art prints.


  • An Art Blogger called The Unfathomable Artist



What I do:
  •  I sell my artworks and prints through my online Art Gallery


  • Produce art commissions


  • Increase knowledge of art in interesting and fun ways


  • Write about & discuss Artists and all things Art


My online Art Gallery can be viewed here:


I also kindly invite you to contact me about anything art related here:

Thank you for taking an interest in my Creative Art and my Art Blog.  Have a great day,

The Unfathomable Artist

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