The British Museum featuring Gu Kaizhi

British Museum copy of Gu Kaizhi’s scroll entitled ‘Admonitions of the Court Instructress’ originally dated from the 5th Century C.E.

I’m currently studying Gu Kaizhi’s life and works.  However I wanted to share some of the artworks accurately attributed to him in this article.

‘Goddess of the Luo Shui’ [scroll] originally attributed to Gu Kaizhi.

‘Admonitions of the Instructress’ shown below with expert analysis (please click the hyperlink) :

‘Admonitions of the Instructress to the Palace Ladies’ originally by Gu Kaizhi – a section of the first scroll (shown above).

Further information about the Admonitions Scroll can be read here:

I have particular interest in ancient paintings, poetry, calligraphy and scribal writings from China.